Subletting the issue affecting landlords and tenants.

Subletting the issue affecting landlords and tenants.


The Prices and Consumers Affairs Division is taking a proactive approach to regularizing the practice of subletting.

Subletting is when a person rents a property from the landlord where he/she sub lease a room or rooms to a subtenant .

The division says increased complaints about Subletting has caused the prices and consumer affairs division to intervene.

According to Simone Williams, the Consumer liaison officer within the press information office, several rules need to be applied when subletting rental homes.

For example, sublets should create a different contract, apart from what the landlord would give.

That way Williams says if there are any problems between the tenants and the subtenant the original landlord is not responsible.

On the other hand, if a land lord does not agree for the original tenant to Sublette, then the landlord can ask the subtenants to leave because they are trespassing and therefore breaching the original contract.

Williams also has some advice for tenants and subtenants who sometimes make hasty decisions to share a space.

While there is no act which governs subletting, under the Rent Restriction Act there is redress for sub tenants.

The act states that landlords or in this case the original tenants should give renters one month in advance notice to leave the premises.

The rent restriction act is more than 71 years old and dates back all the way to 1947.