Police presence has been intensified in Burga search

Police presence has been intensified in Burga search


The Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda says it has increased its activity and presence in an effort to gather intelligence on a crime suspect still at large.

Acting Commissioner of Police Clayton Davis wants to ensure the public that the police are actively searching for Calvin “Burga” James despite concerns that their efforts are not being seen.

Interview Audio 1 – ACP Davis on Burga

ACP Davis says that the public has come forward with reports of Burga sightings however they are still unconfirmed.

He also reports that other family members are in a safe place during on-going investigations.

Interview Audio 2- ACP Davis on Burga

At this time the police are encouraging the public to continue to come forward with any information on Burga’s whereabouts.

On Friday, Donovans was filled with sadness when Calvin “Burga” James allegedly shot his niece, nephew and his nephew’s girlfriend over a family dispute.