APUA launches mobile telephone directory app

APUA launches mobile telephone directory app


APUA is expected to launch its first ever mobile telephone directory app.

The app will enhance the search experience of its users, being an easier and more effective way to search.

It is collaboration between APUA and the Yello Media Group which is said to be the largest directory publisher in the English speaking Caribbean.

The, contract with Yello is valid for up to two years and will be available to the public in December of this year.

Vaughn Browne, the Telecommunications Manager at APUA explains how this partnership came about.

Kerin Scott, Brand and Product Marketing Officer with Yello Media Group say they have put together a strategy to ensure the app is always up to date.

The Find Yello app is easy to obtain it can be downloaded from your google play store and it is free. The app would include community pages and will allow its users to write reviews of business places.