CSEC and CAPE preliminary results

CSEC and CAPE preliminary results


Keondre Herbert of St Joseph’s Academy has been dubbed the Most Outstanding Student in the 2018 CSEC sitting for Antigua and Barbuda. Herbert sat and passed 20 Subjects with 20 Grade I’s

Overall, 2355 candidates in Antigua and Barbuda sat a total of 11,232 subjects resulting in a 70% pass rate with Grades I – III.

Overall, candidates were successful in 69.9% of subjects sat; for students in schools, this was 73.0%.

Students of the Baptiste Academy received the highest percentage pass of 99 percent, followed by the Island Academy with 97 percent,   the Antigua Girls High School and the St Joseph’s Academy with 91 percent and the Christ the King and Seventh day Adventist with a pass percentage of 90 percent.

Nine in-school candidates did not sit examinations they registered for and a further 91 candidates did not pass any of the subjects they sat, 45 of whom were only sitting one subject.

According to the preliminary results, there were in fact 128 in-school candidates who sat one subject, and 83 of them were successful.  These usually are students who are jump-starting the process, taking subjects in 3rd or 4th form.

In the main, in-school candidates  171passed 4 subjects, 164 passed 5 subjects, 173 passed 6 subjects, 144 passed 7 subjects and 135 passed 8 subjects. At the high-flying end of the spectrum, 113 candidates sat 10 or more subjects; 89 of them were successful in all that they sat.

Meanwhile, the Most Outstanding Student who sat the CAPE is Shamara Yearwood (Antigua State College). She sat and passed 6 Units in 2018, in addition to 5 Units in 2017, achieving all Grade I’s.

Overall, 534 candidates in Antigua and Barbuda sat a total of 1, 897 units with an 89% pass rate (Grades I – V).