Fire Destroys Three Structures in Greenbay

Fire Destroys Three Structures in Greenbay


At least two persons are now homeless after a major fire engulfed three separate structures in Green bay on Tuesday.

The fire occurred approximately at 2:45 pm and according to the Fire Police, the fire seemed to have been caused by burning coil.
According to reports, Latisha King, an occupant of the 12 by 15 wooden and galvanized structure reported that she was burning coil on Tuesday morning but had remember to put out the coil before leaving for the city.

It was not long after until 74 year old Ambrose Lewis, a diabetic, while lying in bed realized that his home was filled with smoke. Lewis told firefighters that he immediately investigated and realized his neighbor’s house was in flames.

By the time the Fire Brigade arrived on the scene after receiving the 911 call; both homes along with an abandoned house were completely engulfed in flames. They were all completely destroyed along with their contents.

Luckily, no one was injured as a result of the blaze.