Murder Accused Remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison

Murder Accused Remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison


Keneca Ryan, the fourth suspect in the murder of Campbell Jackson has been remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP).

On Monday, the 19-year-old appeared Magistrate Concliffe Clarke and was not granted bail due to the crime committed being a capital offence. This means that the magistrate does not have the authority to grant bail.

Last Friday, he was charged for the murder of Campbell Jackson, who was shot and killed on his verandahin May.

He is also accused of attempting to murder Jari Jackson and Tevin George, both of Green Bay.

His committal proceedswas set for March 2018.

Alexis Mussington, Arthur James and Kennecha Marcel are the three other murder accused. They have since been remanded to prison.

On May 25, Campbell, along with his son Jari and their long-time friend Tevin George were sitting in front of his house, when they were allegedly fired upon by one or more individuals. Campbell was shot in his back and was pronounced dead on the spot.

Both Jari and Tevin were treated at the hospital for gunshot wounds.


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