Government to table ABST write off Resolution to Parliament

Government to table ABST write off Resolution to Parliament


At the next sitting of the House of Representatives, a resolution will be tabled for the official write off of approximately $101 Million in revenues due from sandals Resort Antigua.

That’s the word coming from Prime Minister Gaston Browne who has argued that this was the only way to legitimize the non Payment of ABST revenues due by theall-inclusive resort. The issue which has created a rift between the Gaston Browne administration and Sandals has generated much public debate in the local and regional press for more than a year.

Under an agreement between the former UPP administration and Sandals, the resort was allowed to withhold as much as 65% of ABST revenues due from guests.

Upon assuming office, PM Browne cited that the agreement was illegal as it did not have parliamentary approval. Following negotiations with the principals of the hotel group, it was it was agreed that the government would write off over $100 Million of the outstanding amount.

According to the country’s leader, it is for this reason that he is taking the resolution to parliament thereby it legal and that Harold Lovell and the UPP should acknowledge their mistake in granting the concession to Sandals.

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