Bus Man Involved in Horse Collision Released from Hospital

Bus Man Involved in Horse Collision Released from Hospital


Hilroy Samuel, the bus man who was involved in a vehicular accident after hitting a pony and then split a utility pole in two, has been released from the hospital.

The Barneshill man was reportedly travelling along an unlit Powells road from west to east when he said a horse appeared out of nowhere just before approaching the football field.

Samuel said he attempted to swerve behind the animal to prevent a collision; however the horse’s young ran into the road to follow its mother which caused the collision.

He reportedly lost control of his Nissan caravan which flipped onto its side and skid hundreds of feet down the road. The man sustained injuries to his neck and chest while the horse died from the impact of the crash in Powells.

He has since called for proper lighting for the area and for a penalty to be instituted on livestock farmers who allow their animals to run loose.

Samuels is facing prosecution after Head of the Traffic Department Superintendent Leonard Cabral said that he will be charged for Dangerous Driving.

The superintendent told ZDK News that the fact that a utility [pole was split I two signifies that speeding was involved. The incident occurred on Monday at about 9:30 pm.