Police Appeals for Assistance in Recent Kidnapping and Robbery

Police Appeals for Assistance in Recent Kidnapping and Robbery


The Police are appealing to anyone with information concerning a recent kidnapping and robbery to come forward.

On Friday, a 42 year old woman and her 24 year old friend was reportedly kidnapped and then robbed by a man wielding a knife.

Police reports are that both women had just left the workplace of the 42 year old and was about to get into a vehicle on St. Mary’s Street when a man, armed with a knife confronted them.

The women were ordered to get into the back seat of the vehicle when the man got behind the wheel and drove them to a house under construction in the Powell’s area. Both women were then robbed of their cellular phones, a S5 and an S6 and a Scotiabank ATM card.

ZDK News understands that the man also managed to get the access pin for the bank card from one of the females and drove the 24 year old to the ATM where he forced her to withdraw $550. All the while, the other female was left in nearby bushes in Powell’s. Bound with a shoelace and gagged.

When the attacker got back to the scene the older woman was gone after she had managed to free herself and get assistance at a nearby house.The perpetrator then reportedly made a phone call and shortly after left in a vehicle which pulled up on the main road and left the female in some bushes.

The police was notified and both women were picked up from different locations, along with their handbags which were also found overturned nearby.

The man is described as being about 5 feet 7 inches in height, has a stocky build, dark in complexion with a low hair cut and little facial hair.



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