Climatologist Says to Expect Storm-Force Winds and Hazardous Seas Until Weekend

Climatologist Says to Expect Storm-Force Winds and Hazardous Seas Until Weekend


Climatologist Dale Destin says residents within Antigua and Barbuda can expect Storm-force wind gusts and hazardous seas to continue until the end of the week.

Writing in his blog, Destin noted that the Met Office has already issued a small craft warning and this is expected to continue in place through, at least, Friday.

He said given the expected conditions, small craft operators should not venture far from port, especially on the windward side of the islands and beachgoers should avoid the waters of the north and east facing beaches.

Destin said the major concern is the impact the winds will have on the seas. “They will cause the seas to become very hazardous, with heights reaching 4 metres (13 ft), occasionally reaching 5 metres (17 ft) late Tuesday and staying at those heights until Friday, when they will start to subside,” he disclosed.

The climatologist said that the wind speed steadily rose to 28 to 44 km/h (17 to 28 mph) late Tuesday and is forecasted to continue in that range up to today Thursday; He further noted that thereafter, the winds are expected to subside.

And in explaining the occasional showers experienced for the past several days, Destin said that the increased winds caused the lower atmosphere to become somewhat unsettled, giving rise to the showers.

The climatologist also warned that the strong gusts will make some outdoor activities very uncomfortable if not dangerous. He said at least, light objects should be secured, as minimal storm conditions are possible.