Antigua & Barbuda Told to Lookout for Fake Caricom Skills Certificate

Antigua & Barbuda Told to Lookout for Fake Caricom Skills Certificate


Antigua and Barbuda has been placed on alert to be on the lookout for individuals travelling to the country and operating with fake skills certificates.

This comes after a Jamaican man was detained after Immigration discovered that he presented a false Caricom skills Certificate to a supervisor at the airport when he arrived in Antigua on January 9th, this year.

The Chief Immigration Officer Annette Mark said that although they have been warned that there are a number of persons throughout the region operating with fake Skills Certificates, it is the first reported case in the twin island state.

“We have been giving an alter that there are a number of persons operating with fake skills certificate around the region so that is something we’re now on the lookout for,” she said.

Wayne Osbourne Edwards was appeared before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh last Thursday and was sentenced to the maximum six months in prison for the offense.

Reports are that the 51 year old had started working at Special Security Services before investigations at the immigration department found that his certificate was not authentic.

Meantime, Mark said that there needs to be a standardized Caricom Skills Certificate with security features to be implemented to ease the checks and balances being done by the individual countries. She noted that presently skills certificates are different throughout the region and can be easily replicated because of the absence of security features.

According to the Chief Immigration Officer, it is a recommendation that will be made when Caricom Immigration Heads meet.