UPP PRO Says Massiah’s Expulsion was Inevitable

UPP PRO Says Massiah’s Expulsion was Inevitable


Public Relations Officer of the United Progressive Party Senator Damani Tabor says the expulsion of Joanne Massiah was inevitable.

The Member of Parliament for the All Saints East and St. Luke Constituency was dismissed from the main opposition the United Progressive Party on Sunday and comes as no surprise as both Massiah and the UPP has been at loggerhead for nearly two years, when she contested the leadership race for the party back in 2015.

This also comes a month after Massiah hinted at forming her own political party and further criticized the current UPP Political Leader Harold Lovell, for his time as the country’s Finance Minister from 2009 to 2014.

Speaking on ZDK’s Open Forum on Tuesday, the party’s PRO said that the decision to part ways with Massiah was simply a formality.

“To be honest, with the announcement of going in a totally separate direction and forming one’s own party and so on, we can all agree that what occurred Sunday is just merely a formality, it’s just to ‘dot the I’s and cross the T’s’ but severance had already occurred with her non-engagement with the process and her turning her back and forming her own party, which she is entitled to do,” Tabor said.

Tabor noted that contrary to what was reported in Tuesday’s edition of the Daily Observer, the decision was made following a vote taken during a general council meeting held on Sunday.

Contrary to what was stated in the Daily Observer, it wasn’t a disciplinary meeting, it was a general council meeting held at the Cobbs Cross Primary School and of the members in attendance who participated in the vote, the count was 98 participants, there were 97 votes for expulsion and no votes against with a single abstention so that is the unanimous result,” the PRO disclosed.

Prior to this, Massiah was suspended from all Party activities for her actions following the leadership race dispute according to the UPP.