New Cardiology Center to be introduced at the MSJMC

New Cardiology Center to be introduced at the MSJMC


A further expansion in the healthcare services to be offered at the Mount St John’s Medical Centre is on the horizon with the introduction of new Cardiology Center.

According to Cabinet notes, a visiting cardiologist Dr. Gary Stevens, who practices heart surgery in the USA and who has set-up a cardiology center in Guyana, was invited to Antigua to explore the possibilities of replicating a cost-saving Mount St John’s Cardiology Center.

 Telecommunication Minister Melford Nicholas who was speaking during the Government’s Post-Cabinet Briefing this morning said that his cabinet colleagues were enthralled at the possibility of introducing cardiovascular services on island.

According to Minister Nicholas, one of the issues that have been highly discussed within the medical fraternity is the impact of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and heart attacks.

He said that with the introduction of such a center within the country persons will be able combat many of the effects of these diseases at an affordable cost.

The Telecommunication Minister said that the new initiative was approved by Cabinet and negotiations are currently in the process of being made to ensure that cardiovascular services can be offered to residents within a matter of months.

Cabinet notes further indicated that the space at the MSJMC has already been earmarked, and the Ministers were told that US$50,000 could result in the first operation by the end of March 2017.