Arson Suspected in Heavy Duty Company Fire

Arson Suspected in Heavy Duty Company Fire


Firefighters have launched an investigation into a fire which destroyed over 140 thousand dollars worth of equipment at a heavy duty business complex on American Road.

The fire occurred last Saturday at approximately 6 pm, when firefighters from the St. John’s Fire Station responded to a call that there was a fire at Monroe Sun and Spencer Enterprise, just opposite Harney Motors Ltd.

Fire Chief Elvis Weaver told ZDK News that at least three heavy duty equipment were damaged during the blaze and one truck was completely destroyed. He further noted that according to the owner of the heavy duty company Ronald Spencer, arson is suspected.

“It involved two trucks and a crane and a rig. One of the trucks was completely destroyed and according to the owner, he believes it is arson because the trucks have been parked since Friday,” Weaver noted.

ZDK News understands that it took about an hour for the blaze to be put out with the use of two fire trucks. No one was injured during the fire.